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VMAX seeks to build partnerships with the best players in the national and international markets.

Discover Oracle: a global powerhouse in technology. Our advanced solutions pave the way for digital transformation, empowering companies to reach new levels of efficiency, innovation, and success. From enterprise management to artificial intelligence, we offer the complete platform to drive growth across all sectors.

Explore SAP: a global leader in business software. Our solutions span from enterprise management to advanced analytics, empowering organizations to thrive in the digital era. With constant innovation, we assist companies of all sizes and sectors in reaching their full potential, driving efficiency, agility, and sustainable success.

A Compliance is a company specialized in addressing the complex Brazilian tax peculiarities. They saw the Sped Fiscal project as an opportunity to bring an innovative technology offering to the market. This solution is fully web-based and already integrated with major market management systems. The scope of the solution is extensive, covering everything from messaging to automating fiscal processes.

A NSI is the owner of the Ecomex solution for foreign trade. This solution was developed to digitize and integrate the areas involved in your company’s foreign trade operations, reduce operational costs, centralize information securely, making it more reliable and easily accessible, and deliver high performance and productivity gains in daily, managerial, and strategic tasks.

Companies face challenges in Treasury management that spreadsheets cannot address. Such spreadsheets jeopardize the integrity and reliability of information handled by users because they are excessively “open.” To solve this problem, the XTPG platform automates 100% of day-to-day treasury processes, centralizing treasury-related information in one place.

Meet InsightSoftware: your partner for excellence in BI, Financial Reporting, and Accounting Reconciliations solutions. With intuitive and powerful solutions, we provide real-time visibility and deep insights to optimize financial and operational processes. We simplify data analysis, driving efficiency and strategic decision-making across the organization.

Automation Solutions and Enterprise Mobility Specialist. The robust platform provides real-time visibility and complete control over supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution operations. With over 35 years of experience, we empower companies to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and drive operational excellence at every stage of supply chain management.

ALLOut Security is a market leader in risk management, security, and controls for JD Edwards. Their robust security, audit, and compliance toolset, validated by Oracle, can help organizations effectively manage risks and prevent business disruptions!

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VMAX is your strategic partner in JD Edwards, Oracle EBS, Oracle Fusion, and SAP consulting. We are a dedicated team of professionals specialized in maximizing the potential of ERP systems to drive your business's success. Get in touch and talk to a specialist.

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